充滿創意的音訊工程,理應以透明澄澈,不加修飾的聲音為基礎。而 Yamaha 所有混音器都根據此理念進行開發,希望讓音控師精確擷取捕捉舞台上未經修飾的聲音,再視需求點綴創意靈感。而 Yamaha 對此理念的堅持,也傳承到 RIVAGE PM7 之上

Creative audio engineering should be based on transparent, unmodified sound. All Yamaha mixers have been developed based on this concept, hoping to allow sound engineers to accurately capture and capture the unmodified sound on the stage, and then embellish creative inspiration as needed. Yamaha's insistence on this concept is also passed on to the RIVAGE PM7.