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Corporate Events

Our projects include conferences, international conferences, various small shopping malls, hotels, large conference centers, and large outdoor events, etc.


Have all the equipment that customers need and can meet the needs, and understand that the importance of time and money in various activities is more important. We will also carefully plan for customers with the appropriate equipment to operate


Turn customers' ideas into reality, and provide professional and first-class advanced equipment, including audio, lighting, video systems, etc., with excellent technical staff to achieve customer requirements

Corporate Events

我們所承辦之項目, 包括發佈會, 國際會議, 各種小型商場, 酒店, 以至大型會議中心, 再到大型戶外活動等等


擁有客戶所需之各項設備並可配合需求, 更明白知道在各項活動是時間和金錢的重要性. 我們並會為客戶精打細算配備適當器材運作


將客戶的構思變為現實, 並提供專業及一級先進器材設備, 包括音響, 燈光, 視像系統等等, 配合優良技術人員, 以達致客戶之要求

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