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SSL L500


Since being announced a few years ago, the SSL Live console has rapidly gained popularity around the world and has been well received by renowned programmers who use it


SSL's live console is designed to support skilled engineers to get the best performance in the most demanding environments, such as travel, houses, churches and theaters


As with other SSL consoles, the secret to the success of the SSL Live console is its highest sound quality. Other high-performance hardware and signal paths, studio-grade microphones, high-quality conversion and 96kHz operation, and a large number of summing functions are also factors for success. The sound quality of the SSL Live console is transparent, delicate, high resolution and reproducible, and it is difficult to describe in words. Perhaps more importantly, the key to success is the ease of operation of the SSL Live console, which enables operators to get the best performance


Despite the combination of multi-touch screen and assignable hardware control, the seemingly simple and ergonomic operating environment, but still uses a variety of color coding, open architecture, allowing engineers to freely configure layout and signal processing, rich and diverse processing Options, accurate, detailed processing tools, etc. All of these features are designed and integrated to ensure that "the operator wants to hear" quickly and reliably. Like many outstanding innovative audio technologies, the SSL Live console is a tool for engineers


自從幾年前宣布以來,SSL Live控制台已在全球範圍內迅速普及,並得到使用它的著名程師的好評


與其他SSL控制台一樣,SSL Live控制台成功的秘訣在於其最高的音質。其他高性能的硬件和信號路徑,錄音室級的麥克風,高質量的轉換和96kHz的操作以及大量的求和功能也是成功的因素。SSL Live控制台的聲音質量透明,細膩,高分辨率和可再現性,很難用語言來描述。也許更重要的是,成功的關鍵是SSL Live控制台的易操作性,它使操作員能夠獲得最佳性能

儘管將多點觸摸屏和可分配的硬件控制相結合,看似簡單且符合人體工程學的操作環境,但仍採用各種顏色編碼,開放式架構,允許工程師自由配置佈局和信號處理,豐富多樣的處理選項,準確,詳細的處理工具等。所有這些功能均經過設計和集成,以確保可以快速,可靠地聽到“操作員想要聽到的聲音”。與許多出色的創新音頻技術一樣,SSL Live控制台是工程師的工具

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